養豬場3D  5.43

養豬場3D 5.43

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Description of 養豬場3D Download APK MOD (Unlimited money) free online download

【game introduction】
“Pig Farm” super re-evolution!
“Pig Farm 3D” with full 3D and new elements is here! !
The 2D world has all become 3D.
Those cute pigs are like alive! All become 3D pigs!
The chubby belly and butt are just like real!
The more I look, the more I love it! But it will be even more sad when they are separated! ?
Open up land to build houses, open up fields to grow fodder,
After becoming 3D, the pig farm is more realistic again!
The pig farm 3D will also add new pigs, and there are more than 168 kinds of pigs here!
What does the pig that I like the most in 2D games look like in 3D! ?
You must come and see for yourself.
In “Pig Farm 3D”, you will become the owner of a pig farm and raise all kinds of pigs. It is a self-cultivation game.
There are more than 168 kinds of pigs with rich personality, including new pigs.
The previous work was well received, and the breeding function that can produce new varieties can continue to be used in 3D!
Maybe you can give birth to rare pigs that you haven’t seen so far! ?
You can also rent pigs to each other with other owners, and you can also bid for pigs at auction!
The fun of the owners of each other is also one of the fun of “Pig Farm 3D”.
Raise the pig yourself and grow up, let’s get fat!
But the time to say goodbye always comes so fast‥
The cute pig will finally be shipped
That’s right, because it’s a pig.
“Pig Farm 3D” has inherited the advantages and world view of the pig farm series, and has been more evolved.
Players who have played a pig farm must give it a try!
Players who have never played will also guarantee that you will not regret it!
“Pig Farm 3D” is free to download.
It is a casual development game that anyone can play regardless of gender.
Please come and have fun!
▼The higher the level, the more rare pigs can be raised
The more pigs are shipped, the level of pig farmers can rise.
Although only ordinary pigs can be raised at the beginning, as the level increases, rare pigs can be raised even more!
Although it is difficult to raise rare pigs, the selling price will double if they are raised successfully.
Keep shipping pigs and let your owner level rise!
▼ Give birth to various pigs!
The breeding function that allows boars and sows to bred, and a new breed of piglet is born.
What kind of piglets will give birth, just simple operation to know.
Send the raised pigs for breeding!
Some pigs can only be obtained through breeding…
▼Exciting “Pig Hunt”!
You can use “hunting coupons” to challenge piglet hunting.
You can go to various places to hunt with bows and arrows with suckers, and you have the opportunity to get new pigs. And some limited pigs can only be obtained by hunting! ? .
There are also “Rare Hunting Vouchers” for hunting rare pigs, which is so exciting!
▼Taking care of the piglets is so hard! ?
There are 8 kinds of feed. There are picky eaters and pigs that eat expensive feed…
If the feed is not properly fed, the rare pigs will become ordinary hybrid pigs, so take care of them.
And now you can grow your own feed, which saves you the cost of buying feed!
▼It will be miserable if it is not cleaned properly! ?
Poop cleaning is also a job for pig farmers. If you are lazy and do not clean, be careful that important pigs will get sick! !
Clean and protect the health of pigs.
▼Abundant training items!
The “poop cleaner” that automatically cleans the poop, the “air conditioner” that is not easy to get sick.
“Sow floor” which allows piglets to be born earlier after mating,
There are many useful items such as the “Slow Snail” that slows down the piglets during hunting.
After being proficient, you can use these rich props to raise pigs more efficiently. .
▼Pig Book
Raised pigs will be recorded in the “Pigs Guide”. The characteristics of pigs and the methods of raising them will be recorded in detail.
There are 6 volumes of the illustrated book, which clearly distinguish the types by the color of piglets.
The system diagram can also be confirmed in the illustrated book, which is very helpful for breeding.
Do you have a way to collect all the illustrated books! ?
▼Compete with national players!
Can compete with pig farmers across the country.
Who is the most profitable player? Who is the owner who shipped the most? Who is the farmer who knows most about raising pigs?
These curious players can all be seen on the leaderboard. Do you have a way to become the most powerful host! ?

Game ID: jp.j_o_e.pig3dcnt

Information of 養豬場3D MOD APK

App Name 養豬場3D
Package Name jp.j_o_e.pig3dcnt
Version 4.18
Rating ( 1491 )
Size 89.5 MB
Requirement Android 5.1+
Updated 2021-08-04
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Simulation
Developer ,

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