Harry Potter Magic Awakened – 哈利波特:魔法覺醒  4.20.21326

Harry Potter Magic Awakened – 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 4.20.21326

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Description of 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 Download APK MOD (Unlimited money) free online download






前往決鬥社,參與電影般精彩的巫師對決!「疾疾 護法現!、去去武器走!、咄咄失……」拖動卡牌即可施放魔咒!搭配原著角色的“迴響”,巧用策略,靈活走位,用各種意想不到的操作,讓勝負在瞬間反轉!




Discord官方討論群 : https://discord.gg/jWwYgRw4pT


“Harry Potter” officially authorized mobile game “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening”, invites you to return to Hogwarts and write a new chapter in your magical world!

You will become a Hogwarts freshman and realize the long-awaited magic dream. In the wonderful magic campus, get to know wizard partners with different personalities, learn spells and magic knowledge, and experience the splendid wizard life. You can also join hands with the original characters, grow up in new adventures and adventures, and start your wizarding career!

The admission letter has been sent, welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

〓Immersive, enjoy the magical world〓
Step into the scrolls of British vintage picture books and feel the charm of the magical world: stroll the oblique alleys and browse through the dazzling magical shops; travel around Hogwarts to find the unknown beauty; go deep into the forbidden forest and encounter horses and unicorns ……The previous imagination about magic will be realized here one by one!

〓It’s fun, let’s have fun in the magic classroom〓
What kind of wonderful experience is the magic course dedicated to wizards? Learn the spells that make things float, face the phantom monsters in the closet, and use the crystal ball to fortune the future… Team up with your classmates in class, overcome many difficulties, and embark on the road of wizardry learning!

〓Wonderful ideas, enjoyable wizard showdown〓
Go to the duel club and take part in a movie-like wizard duel! “Illness, protect the law!, go and go for weapons!, duh…” Drag the card to cast the spell! With the “echo” of the original characters, clever use of strategies, flexible positioning, and various unexpected operations, the victory and defeat can be reversed in an instant!

〓An unknown book, revisit the original classics〓
Go deep into the forbidden area of ​​the library and open the untitled book that records the legendary story. You can experience a copy of the original classic plot: you will become Harry Potter. Find an exit in the maze of the Witch Fighting Contest… This time, your choice may rewrite history and the fate of others.

〓New adventure, movie-level original plot〓
The horror of the Dark Lord has gone away from us, but the magical world still seems to be surging with a trace of restlessness. What bizarre events will happen on the Hogwarts campus ten years from now? Can you make trustworthy friends like Harry did, and uncover the truth behind all kinds of mysteries together?

【Follow us】
If you like our game, please follow the game’s official website, official Facebook, and official Discord for more game updates. You are welcome to comment and leave a message for us at any time.

Discord official discussion group: https://discord.gg/jWwYgRw4pT
Official website: https://www.harrypottermagicawakened.com/tw/
Official Facebook: Harry Potter: Magic Awakening

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“Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
The plot of the game involves violence and sex (the character in the game wears clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but does not involve sexual cues).
Pay attention to the use time and avoid indulging. Part of the game content or services require additional payment.

Game ID: com.netease.harrypotter.tw

Information of 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 MOD APK

App Name 哈利波特:魔法覺醒
Package Name com.netease.harrypotter.tw
Version 4.20.20497
Rating 9.4
Size 1.9 GB14.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2021-12-09
Installs 100,000+

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