リネージュ2M(Lineage2M)  3.0.56

リネージュ2M(Lineage2M) 3.0.56

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Description of リネージュ2M(Lineage2M) Download APK MOD (Unlimited money) free online download














Android 6.0以上:設定>アプリケーション管理>リネージュ2M>該当アクセス権限の選択

最小仕様:RAM 3GB

事前登録キャンペーンページ : https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/preorder/

© 2021 NCSOFT Corporation. Certain rights granted to NC Japan K.K. All rights reserved.
Real life begins. The latest in the “Lineage” series.
Next-generation open world RPG “Lineage 2M”

Twitter official account: @ Lineage2M_JP
We are sending the latest information & campaign information.
Pre-registration acceptance starts!

[Game overview]
■ A movie-like fantasy world presented by a new era of 3D graphic technology
■ One of the largest seamless open worlds in mobile game history
■ Large-scale battle where more than 10,000 people gather
■ Various classes with no restrictions that you can enjoy according to your play style

Chronicles carved on this Aden continent
The adventure of “you”, blessed by the god Ein Hazard, is about to begin.

[Game introduction]
■ New era 3D graphic technology
A fantasy world like a movie with amazing graphic technology such as high-definitionly drawn fields set in the continent of Aden, detailed cityscapes, delicately drawn armor patterns and precise character facial expressions. Delivered.

■ The largest open world in mobile games
An overwhelmingly large open world of 102,500,000 square meters.
There are height differences in all areas, so you can walk endlessly and enjoy your adventure seamlessly without loading.

■ Real and powerful battle
A large-scale battle where more than 10,000 people gather, an overwhelming sense of scale and immersive experience that is unique.
You can enjoy more realistic battles, such as experiencing the existence of monsters approaching by collision processing technology and enjoying the battle while colliding.

■ Unconstrained class system
Use various classes according to your play style. To the “self” you want to be.

■ Life with friends connected by lineage
Form a “clan” with like-minded friends, win in co-op and carve an unforgettable chronicle.

Pre-register and get ready for your adventure!

[Pre-registration campaign]
We will give you a luxurious reward according to the number of pre-registered users!
100,000: 100,000 Adena
200,000: 500 soul shots (engraved)
300,000: 10 breaths of Saiha (engraved)
400,000: 5 battle scrolls (engraved)
500,000: 1 weapon enhancement scroll (engraved)
700,000: 1 armor-enhanced scroll (engraved)
1 Million: Chronicle Successor Ring 1 & Weapon Enhance Scroll (Engraved) 1 & Armor Enhance Scroll (Engraved) 1
* The name of the item is under development and is subject to change.

[Information on access authority]
Lineage 2M requires the following access privileges in order to provide comfortable service.
You can use the game without agreeing to the access authority.

■ Optional access authority
Storage (photos, media, files): Permission to take screen captures such as play videos and screenshots and save recorded files
Microphone: To record audio during screen recording and voice chat permission
You can use the game without agreeing to the access authority.

■ How to reset access authority
After agreeing to the access authority, you can reset the access authority as follows.
Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Application Management> Lineage 2M> Select Applicable Access Rights

Minimum specifications: RAM 3GB

Pre-registration campaign page: https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/preorder/
Official site: https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/

Lineage 2M is basically free to play, but there are some paid items
© 2021 NCSOFT Corporation. Certain rights granted to NC Japan K.K. All rights reserved.

Game ID: com.ncsoft.lineage2mjp

Information of リネージュ2M(Lineage2M) MOD APK

App Name リネージュ2M(Lineage2M)
Package Name com.ncsoft.lineage2mjp
Version Varies with device
Requirement Varies with device
Updated 2021-02-25

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